Sunday, June 08, 2008

White Nights in Tampere, Finland

Finland is a very contrasting and intriguing country. A mixture between Western knife of technological advancements, American huge cars (old Caddies and JEEPs along the latest enormous SUVs are very popular), bikers and rockers (almost all young people are blackers with tattoos) etc. On the other hand a far better but still, socialist flava is hard to ignore: blocks like in Eastern Europe (but far nicer though), very cold and dull buildings. Tampere seems to have recovered from the surge and fall of the first industrial revolution; however, seems quite limited for its 250.000 people but looks to develop (even more industrially): new highways, industrial complexes and housing facilities are on the way. Although per capita consumption of alcohol and depression are among the highest in Europe, people still are found of their home country. And that's something, here where the day is 6hrs during Winter time, while cold and rainy most of the time. However, in the summer I bet things change entirely (just like Kiel, I guess) and the same sun-bathing in the parks phenomenon can been seen here as well (probably all Nordic countries do it). More similarities with Kiel; the greeting "Moin, moin" which can be heard there is the same in Finland. Although the prices are quite high for drinks (approx 5 € for a draft beer), the bars and clubs look always full. Parks as well...but hey, drinking in a park is pretty nice in the summer. The clubs were full on Saturday night and people look interesting...very intriguing hair and dressing style. A must for close observation. Lots of beer=>lots of fun, even cocktails from a pottie (if u really want). Dance and just forget. Mingle and just enjoy the differences. after that maybe look for a donner or a pizza joint to grab a bite. And then head home. The night is always confusing so,after checking up a couple of (more)clubs, you just follow the route back home wondering if you should sleep at all..

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