Thursday, June 19, 2008

A suicide in the Death Group: why should we care?

After a bleak performance in the opening game with France (0-0, no real chances of scoring, etc) in which the coach (piturca) defended heavily against a crippled and old France (??), Romania played very well against Italy in a spectacular neck2neck game that ended in an equitable draw (1-1) although Romanians wasted a penalty 10 minutes before the end of time. In the last game, Netherlans (already qualified with two wins) aligned a second-best team and played relaxed (perhaps hoping that Romania will join them in the next phase, since it will definetely be an easier adversary than Italy). However, the coach (piturca, again, with small caps, and not by mistake) adopted in his unknown stupidity a super-defensive tactic playing for another draw (???) which would have been beneficial only if Italy and France would have drew also. Even more surprising, at half time, when Italy had 1-0 and 1 extra men in the field, plus France lost its only good player (Ribbery) (THUS, NO WAY IN HELL TO DRAW!!), piturca remained in the same formation without introducing more forward players and without pushing the team to attack. The Romanian team seemed to play a friendly game in Netherlands with the objective of keeping the score down. While other teams that are far worse (like Austria) played their heart out on the field and even if they had no chance of advancing, fought a GOOD and DIGNIFYING game, we blew it again. The game was there, it was an easy win but instead we were COWARDS and NUMBED by the possibility of advancing further. Both the coach and the players should be blamed for such a shameful looks at other neighboring countries and sees a SPIRIT a sportive SPIRIT and a mentality of WINNER which matters much more than to DIE (again) with half-way-performances like "almost beating the world champions" etc.
SAD. but TRUE. again & again. It was just a pure suicide in a group in which we could have advance and write some history. Instead we CHOKED. Again. You people suck!:)) and please stop with the SELF_PATTING_ON_THE_BACK!

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