Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A word and a glass of good beer...

Today was a good day. I managed to do a lot of work and still take some time off from the small desk and take a walk into the sunned city. Summer is here, is hot and is great. But unfortunately I cannot enjoy it at all. Too many things to do, to many worries to take care of. Sounds bad, probably worse than it is, after all I am not an optimist; perhaps a pusher cause I like to push things to the edge,but definitely not an optimist. Got a chance to see/talk with some family. It is amazing how fast things go by; whatever was great a couple of years ago, now it's obsolete; kids grow, cell phones change; bikes become scooters; scooters become cars; just as fast as babies become children and then youngsters. Visas, airplanes, logistics, logic and sentiments all mixed up in a brain that's just too small sometimes to encompass all this strange mixture that is life. A well stirred one but quite turbulent,but, after all one cannot have them both.
All these while having a cool Tuborg; the real stuff (0.5l and 7.2%) not like most of them US beers. And thinking of tomorrow..

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