Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Budapest- a concise and simplistic view

Budapest is a great European city at the limit between Western and Eastern clashes of civilizations. Personally I was expecting a more Western society and style of living than my native Romania but, however, in many ways I discover things that were more outdated and twisted in Hungary than anywhere in Romania. Which is funny; I guess we (Eastern Europeans, overall) are more alike than we would care to recognize.:).

Getting back to the descriptive:
1. Lovely city. Been there before, probably will go again. plenty of touristic sites and off-tourist things to enjoy. Among the former: Turkish baths, Danube cruises and bridges, Buda Castle, The Parliament building, etc. Among the latter: Old buildings everywhere, less famous cathedrals like the Ferencvaros one (beautiful and gothic, as I like them)

2. Typical Eastern European people: worm, party, outgoing ones. 2 things that stroke me about the girls here: a. the current fashion trend with skirts with a side split revealing most of one the tights (seems to be also widely used in business suits; have seen plenty of young women girls dressed this way); b. the huge amount of young girls smoking on the street even at ridiculous high temperatures such this season -36, 37 C-. Before this I was thinking of Romania as a country full of smoking youngsters, now, I have to revise this. Budapest beats it by far. Moreover, it is kind of un-natural to see especially girls smoking on the street. Bars, yes, ok. But not like that in the hot dusty streets of Budapest.

The conclusion: it is a worthwhile going place if you haven’t done it by now. Not too pricey, but quite nice. A mixture of Prague and Vienna, Budapest is definitely one Central European city you don’t want to miss. Enjoy.

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