Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Personal Strange Stuff

I guess that I am too tired and I am starting to feel and see things that are hard to cope with. Just as strange to see Chris Rock smiling at me in JFK's 9th Terminal while buttoning my old piece of...a laptop, in search for some inexistent virus that was signaled to me by one of our university's network engineers which again, was something unheard before to me. Moreover, the thoughts seem to become real in these days. If I dream crazy stuff like my teeth are going to fall from my mouth through a bloody and creepy process, the next day they do hurt but in a silent mode. Bumps appear on my head and I don't remeber banging my head to anything:)). Well...what can I say/? Shhh...happens, we just need to get over it. It is a pity that I am home right now visiting for just a short week but still cannot recover or get some rest. We are all slaves to our lifes?? Pehaps, But NOW really, I need a VACATION!'

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