Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hello motherland

Just got back to my native Romania and Transylvania for a few days and a chance to visit my family. The summer is a lot better for a visit around here and the fact that I managed to skip my usual bus ride from Budapest was a big plus although the awful 5 hr layover was just as worse. But I guess you cannot have it all.:(
In Cluj Napoca I was amazed by how small the airport is (but still you have to ride the bus to the "terminal" for about 25 meters, which seems ridiculous; secondly the luggage belt is about 6 meters in total in its circular size) and how crowded and chaotic circulation is both on the streets and on the sidewalks. I guess I got it out of my system:)) but I also got back into it real quick.
Three quick impressions (good & bad):
1. a new (bad) habit among the people listening to bad music ("manele")on their cell phones on the street (-)
2. a lot of ATVs and scooters for youngsters under 18 riding them without proper equipment and often knowledge about the traffic rules (- and +)
3. big amount of music festivals and bands coming to Romania in June and August (from Rolling Stones to Marilyn Manson, Pink or Prodigy). Hungary has a lot as well. (+)

more impressions on my next posts

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