Sunday, March 11, 2007

Upgrades to my Panasonic FZ7

I made some siginificant purchases this week towards upgrading the capabilities of my Panasonic FZ7.
First, some polarizing lens (Tiffen 52mm) which should provide me improvements in shooting outside, lanscapes and sea shores especially. Then, some other filters (UV, Haze and Skylight from Morris, Tiffen and Hoya) which I hope will make some difference in some shots. Last but not least, for macro shots, some more Tiffen close-up lens (+1, +2 and +4) which I look forward to especially since spring is around the corner. All these were purchased of Ebay and the spending limit was around 20-30 $ which is not bad at all (shipping included).

More posts when I'll try them out.

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