Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The old T22 still kickin'...

More bad news today once I've discovered that the Ac adaptor for my brave ol' pal (the T22 series from IBM) has deceased suddenly and without any hope what so ever of revival. The old accompanying battery which lasts for about 15 minutes:))..without the charger (so, virtually I have to keep it plugged in all the time) allowed me to just barely move my work from the laptop to my desktop computer and take it from there. And it was something significant since yesterday I did a lot of work and I almost finished a paper. Finally, today I fixed the issue and managed to get through the kindness of our departmental secretary half of an old AC cord and I had to get another half from the computer's repairs fellows which required a barter (mine for theirs). The important thing is that IT is still alive and kicking!! Like an old man in perfusion (last summer the old hdd crashed on me in a blink -- guess it had some physical damage in the first place when I've received it) the brave old T22 still hangs here and pretty good (XP SP2, Office 2003, some Stata, plus the web stuff) for an old man. However, maybe it is all for the best, since now I have a more appropriate voltage wise Ac adaptor (16V at 3.36 A while before in was 16/4.5) and I haven't lost my stuff (for some reason I like to work in various other places than my desk so this comes in handy)
SO...Here's to you, buddy.:)

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