Sunday, March 11, 2007

Small weekly Buzz

I haven't wrote in a while on my blog since I have been very busy with a lot of issues. Finally I wrote up my draft paper. looks good and I think it will be ready in no time (the rest of fine tunning etc). Beside that, other stuff is going in the back of my head. Lots of..thus, I am quite tired and fed up with everything.:(.

Year of the Pig - personal health issues. Is there a correlation?
It seems that this year is gonna be a tough one in terms of personal health. Since late last December I had continuos such problems that required massive efforts (financial and time wise). I haven't given up on it, but the trend seems worrying.

Is the Spring finally coming?
After 2 months of harsh Winter, seems that the weather is quickly rebounding back to what it should be: WARMER. but again, as long as I see snow on my window...I'll keep my jacket handy. looking fwd to some flowers though for some macro shots:)..

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