Saturday, March 31, 2007

One day in Kamagura

We took a short one day trip to Kamagura, an ancient former capital of Japan. The city is full of nice temples and crows of tourists and is about 50 km south-south-west of Tokyo (to which it is linked by the railway line to Yokosuka). We took a bus which also gave us the possibility of experiencing and actual traffic jam "japanese style".
Kamakura is now mainly known for its temples and shrines. Kōtoku-in, with the monumental outdoor bronze statue of Amida Buddha, the most famous of these.

A 15th Century tsunami destroyed the temple that once housed the Great Buddha, but the statue survived and has remained outdoors ever since. Magnificent Zen temples like Kencho-ji and Engaku-ji; the Tokei-ji (a nunnery that was a refuge for women who wanted to divorce their husbands); the Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine; the Hase-dera, an ancient Kannon temple; the graves of Minamoto no Yoritomo and Hōjō Masako; and the Kamakura-gu where Prince Morinaga was executed, top the list of Kamakura's most famous historical and religious sites.

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