Saturday, May 27, 2006

Washington DC

Finally I got to visit the capital. It is exactly how it supposed to be; reminded me a lot of Bucharest with all the governmental buildings and parks. Otherwise very clean, large streets and of course many officers of the law around all those touristic and governamental sites.
The SMIthsonian was great by the way but of course we had little time to browse around just a couple of museums but it is something to look forward to come back to. The vast green space bookended by the Capitol and the Washington monument is a hub of activity. The mall has hosted protests, concerts, festivals and more. And hundreds of joggers prowl the big rectangle every day. It's a refreshing oasis in the middle of a bustling city. And it is the ideal place for a nice quiet rest between stops at the various Smithsonian Museums around its edges.

Miss M and the Saturn US rocket

the Washington monument

One great shot

The Smithsonian visitor center

The Senate

The White House

Great nightshot

I took a lot of pictures and saw some nice museums and gardens (in between them). To stroll the Mall and the streets and parks in DC it's really worthwhile and I can't wait to get back there. The time spent in the Natural History Museum was totally insufficient for observing all the animals, mammouths, dinosaurs and all the special expositions. Ohhh, I forgot: they are all free; I knew/heard that before so it is probably not so surprising but the diversity and variety of museums is charming and appealing.
These 5 days were amaizing and everything was perfect. Although I was extremely tired after visiting all these, it sure was worth it.

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