Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cool cinematic stuff

An excellent German movie!! An appealing Kusturica-type of story, excellent actors and a beautiful song theme => a good recipe for success: winner of six European Film Awards (including Best Picture of the Year -2004-)and a Golden Globe nominalization (Best Foreign Film).
In 1989, Christiane Kerner suffers a heart attack and enters a 8-month coma. She was a devoted believer in the Socialist system existing in the East Germany, which came with the cost of her marriage also (she refused to follow her husband into fleeing to West Germany). To protect her from the shock her son Alex conceives an elaborated plan to keep her in the dark.
Funny but dark serious at the same time.
It reminded me so much of those long gone time and although I was in primary school when it happened it's still much alive. A must for all Eastern Europeans:))

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