Thursday, May 25, 2006


Just tried one of these babies: Sony DCR DVD 105 top of the long line of Sony's releases this year. Although kind of high priced in the ordinary stores (I got it for 540$ w tax) but attractively cheaper online (400) it really does a nice job in setting the standards higher for amateur shooting and home movie lovers.
Easy to use, comes bundled with Nero Express 6 DVD software – the trouble-free way to copy video directly to 12cm DVDs without the need for a USB connection- although I personally didn't use it at all and is equipped with Sony’s Super SteadyShot technology. The DVDs are a hassle though; I bought the best of the line (5 SONY small DVDRW+) 24 $ !! and they are not lasting that long also: 20 min HQ; 30 min SP; and 60 LP; Thus, beware on those and your battery level (about 90m at most).

Summarizing: Very small, very compact but impressive in action and zooming. (4 out of 5)

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