Friday, May 26, 2006

Odd inventions :-) episode 1

Today I am gonna launch a new topic [could become a post in time - I sense great potential here:))- ] under the title 'Odd Inventions'; the ones that I fail to see an immediate applicability and value but are here on the market and sure enough got patentet under the title "useful and new". I am not gonna show funny and stupid stuff that passed this test (e.g. the urine drip collector, just to mention one) but other inventions that surprised me in pages of shopping magazines or websites.

Here is our first one:
the PLUS DECK converter which once inserted into a 5 25" bay of your computer and connected to your serial port (I am not sure here because I didn't read the specs) it will provide you the miracle of inserting a tape and transforming those track into mp3s. Just a couple of issues (came to me in the first seconds): who listens (still) to tapes? who will buy something like this? (100 and some $$- just for converting some tapes???) QUALITY?? (mp3s are far far far from a perfect sound; tapes are worse; what can possible come out of this magical combination?) when is the vinyl PLUS DECK converter coming up? or are we there yeeet??:)))

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