Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stress, my longlasting buddy

Stress became a significant part of my life. Even if you can definitely say that I was stressed out before, as time went by, and I came here in the US the levels and peaks increased substantially. I don't mind it, never did but I am sure some tiny behavioral disorders take place everytime one goes through tough periods. Good things come along: loose weight, become more determined and faster:)), what else? Ohh yeah, many satisfactions if your endeavors are successful; however, even then you don't get to enjoy them much you just move along towards new goals and objectives. Stress is a huge problem in the US; probably in Japan too, but they have their own weird ways of refulating all the "bad" stuff out. Unlike us, the European people with their causy jobs and two month back2back vacation are far better off. And then, you have to pose yourself the question:which is more important, the success or the health and how to balance them in an optimum way? Any answers??:)) guess not.

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