Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Perfect Weekend

Finally, I got a real break this (long) weekend. Forgot everything else about school and other stuff going on around me and just kick back and relaxed a bit. After all, I deserve this, especially since I didn't get an ease even during the winter hollidays. Since Monday was the President's Day it really was a long weekend.

Me in Albany, Empire State Plaza.

Moreover, I did enjoy the company of my girlfriend and that made all the difference in the world.:). Besides obvious reasons, I did get to do things that otherwise would have lacked from serious incentives like going to classical concerts, mall shopping, sunday mass or walks in the downtown area. Most of these things are characterised by a low frequency and even scarcity in my every day (graduate)life.
This past week, Mozart's birthday attracted some nice events and concerts. We only saw one of it, on Sunday, but it was very nice...Troy Chromatics: New York Philomusica, Andrew Clark, horn soloist, and Robert Levin, piano soloist, appearing in a special program honoring Mozart's 250th (happy) birthday. Both Clark and Levin were great but the latter was trully amazing.

Concert (

For the mass, we went to a close catholic church,St Francis De Sales, on Congress St. It was nice but I was surprised to notice the (old) demographics of the people there..which should be disturbing, at least for the people in the parish. Moreover, the church was interesting from the usual catholic style...more toward the simplitude of a lutheran one. The weather was terrible,thus less walks after that, cause the winds (30 to 50 mphs) have not make this easier at all.:))
The mall was OK. Nothing spectacular, like always. I haven't been there since last May but I don't miss it at all. Nothing worthwhile. "Sales" are just PR jokes and almost always I end-up buying stuff that I don't need, or that doesn't fit me perfectly, just to make up for the lost hours looking for something:))
Not the case this time except the obvious dinner at the food court. Anyways, I have so many clothes that I really do not need more just to overcrowd my closet.

Museum in Albany

Last but not least...good healthy food.Romanian, naturally. Except the wine, which was from South Eastern Australia -Black Swan-, a Cabernet Sauvignon, which was vey aromated and reminded me a little of the blackberry wine that I use to purchase back home from local farmers around Christmass. Excelent!:)

Stuffed birds

But the weekend has ended yesterday. :)) All (good) things come to an end, afterall.
Thus, back to work!

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