Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On Career Fairs

Today I participated in a Career Fair organized by our university Career Center. Although I don't need a job yet (and hopefully when I do I will not have to hunt it much:)..) I always like to poke around at this types of manifestations, see what is new, see who's coming and get some discussions towards a possible summer internship or something similar. Although I still don't have a clue towards where I will go after I graduate (and I always felt I do sustain this deficit in deciding even if it's obvious that I can't do this for long) at these career fair I seldom find something interesting. Mainly because our school is a technical one, thus it's logical that most of employers should be looking for engineers or comp science majors. And they do it.
All Fortune 500 companies seem to be interested in attracting almost anything "good" on the market, which puts a smile on my face (even if it's not an objective one) and I got some nice talks with their recruiters. and ...let's not forget about promotional gizmos: Intel has a cool Intel-worker toy in a protective suit holding a centrino laptop (they call it Bunny People without a mention of what happens if there is a crack in your bunny suit..), Microsoft as always--cool toys, but others had some too (saw lights, vents, etc) but I failed to see them all closely.
Conclusion: It was a good day for posting. Bloggs, resumes...whatever makes you happy.

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