Monday, July 07, 2008

One epic Wimbledon battle

Federer and Nadal offered again an unbelievable spectacle on the Londonese grass at Wimbledon. Although, the Spaniard won easily the first two sets where Federer was unrecognizable both in spirit (lost the 2nd set from 4-1, in the end 6-4) and shots (amazing number of unforced errors and most of them even on Nadal's second serve!!). But somehow, with luck and some inspired decisive shots, he managed to climb back into the game with two won tie-breaks in the 3rd and 4th set. At this point I almost believed he could pool it out. But his disastrous game continued and although he put a nice fight, with some spectacular exchanges, it just didn't work (7-9 in the decisive set). I must admit that I haven't watched tennis in a while, but in this game Federer looked like a shadow of a former self with really bad shots and moments of no concentration, which I didn't see until now at the well-composed & oiled Swiss tennis machinery. A 4 hour and 16 minutes marathon, particularly frustrating when one cheers for him. Could it be the beginning of the end?

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