Monday, July 21, 2008

Made in RO - The good motherlandish hoax

July 11th. Well, some things don't change at all. After some thinking I decided to join my cousins and some friends to see a (what should have been) nice DJ line-up in a concert in Bucharest, Arenele Romane. We got there aorund midnight and the colloseum was have empty but the best it would have been the whole night. And that's ok too. 30 RON (about 9 euros) for entrance, 4 euros a 0.33 beer and 2 & change for a coke was a bit too high for Romanian standards. Worse than that, two Romanian jockeys...Raul Russu, Alex Atari(nothing to do with a DJ) bored us to death until two am. It's a shame to put such performances in a show. At that point, we couldn't take it anymore and decided to go for a beer around and come back for the headline (Eric Prydz, Junkie XL). Then, surprise, nobody could get out and come back, regardless of your stupid pointless bracelet that was given at the entrance. Frustration is a gentle expression for what I was feeling. But hey, this is Romania, and Bucharest on top of that. Hesitating to leave yet, we came back and caught the dutch Sandern Van Dorn, who was the first guy that night to actually show some DJ-ing and feel the crowd. But it was too much too late. Around 3:30 was already cold and no signs of Prydz and XL so we headed home. Next day the hoax was revealed. Good worth for the money. I guess nothing really matters here. Godskitchen, Urban Waves all sucked in "organizing" and "managing" the event. Amazing things happen. Anyways..

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