Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New visa, same ways

Since my I-20 got cancelled by my school when I decided to take a year away from it, now I had to re-do all the procedure (SEVIS, fees, visa interview) and it is always a bugging thing to do. Besides the usual lines outside the embassy, one gets a lot more of them inside by moving strategically from one room to the other without a waiting number, just simply in line. All to reach that window where lie the hopes and dreams of many. Especially those asking for a visiting visa without showing strong links to Romania. Fortunately, I managed to successfully overcome all obstacles (including a ridiculous claim that you're not allowed in with a backpack, despite the fact that there are some small lockers in the hall to leave your personals) and get it again. After all, if you have a fellowship and you're one year away from completing your degree, there is nothing one can object to you. So, back again in the big blue-white-red country.

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