Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CFR - Romanian Railways

To get to Bucharest from Sighet the best option is the train and sleeping car is mandatory. 13 hours are a long time to beat and I must confess I am not used anymore to do these kinds of travel like I use to. Nowdays, my confort limit is around 3-4 hours, significantly down from 14 (to go to Timisoara) or 6-7 (Cluj) usual destinations of mine 4-5 years ago. However, I am still waiting for the improvements (speed & comfort) needed to match the prices. Par example, an intercity (Cluj-Bucharest) takes the same amount of time (8 hrs approx) but obviously a lot more and the monopoly moves are all there: scarcity of trains in that direction or ridiculously departure and arrival times. I guess nothing good will ever come out since these railway companies are always holes in the budget and they never go private either, quietly or successfully.

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