Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spamming just tourned academic...funny

After a while one gets bored of all the Viagra and mortgage refinancing schemes usually employed in the daily average spam. Although I have to admit that I barely receive ANY spam nowadays (thank you google!), today I got one that was more creative and more interesting. I will probably label it "an oldie but a goodie". One major flaw though: researchers are poor by definition, so please people, do not insult us in such an outrageous manner by putting 1 Mil. $$ (I mean, c'mon...how can you?). Instead a 1,000 or ten gees will be the perfect thing. Another small issue: get some decent emailing addresses, or fake websites, and then you'll improve. Good Luck! but I hope you'll be busted anyways..:)

Attached is the original mail.

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