Saturday, February 09, 2008

3 days in Frankfurt

The tradition of the ASP program is to make the annual trip to Frankfurt each year sometimes in February and visit some of the important institutions in the city. This year wasn't starting on Wednesday we got camped in the wonderful residences of Deutsche Bundesbank and started to hike the skyscrapers in downtown Frankfurt: the European Central Bank (ECB), Deutsche Bundesbank (DB), Deka Bank or others (GTZ, KfW). Overall, a nice getaway from Kiel..but the schedule was too tight ( 7am - 6pm of meetings and presentations). Moreover, unfortunately for me, I had to work the nights (1-3 am) on my SSRC fellowship application, since I just found out that I can apply. In the end, it might be all for nothing, since I am not sure I got the second recommendation needed in time for the application. Hopefully..i did.

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