Sunday, January 06, 2008

Latest Playlist

Beastie Boys - The mix up (2007) The latest BB release is the only one 100% instrumental (which is a bit strange). However, the music is pretty good, a bit doll sometimes, but tarantino-sque enough most of the times to be exciting. Worthwhile checking. I really like it.

Hotel Costes vol X by Stephane Pompougnac (2007) The latest Hotel Costes release is a special one. A great mix in the style of the traditional Costes releases...flowing, energetic but classy. A special mention for the French guy Orsten - "Fleur blanche" (Track 13) and $olal - "Psycho girls & psycow boys" (haaksman & haarksman remix) (Track 14)

Blockhead - Uncle Tony's Coloring Book Another interesting release from a NinjaTune artist.

BONOBO - Live at Merlin (2007) This is a recollection of Bonobo's previous live album with more live tracks from his latest album

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