Thursday, January 03, 2008

Glitch Music **for true connaisseurs**

Incidentally, I started to listen to some old Prefuse73 album (Vocal Studies) and it really got me. Great stuff indeed...really independent, experimental and original. Glitch (also known as clicks and cuts from a representative compilation series by the German record label Mille Plateaux) is a genre of electronic music that became popular in the late 1990s with the increasing use of digital signal processing, particularly on computers. The origins of glitch music are derived from the failure of digital technology. The effects of failure in technology, such as bugs, crashes, system errors, hardware noise, skipping and audio distortion, can be captured on computers and provide the basic building blocks of Glitch music. Interesting isn't? Often considered a sub-genre of electronica or intelligent dance music, glitch eschews traditional instrumentation, preferring instead the use of mechanized and non-natural sounds. Though rhythm is a central focal point of glitch, the style's various sub-genres range from the ambient to the dance-oriented.

Glitch is often produced on computers using modern digital production software to splice together small "cuts" (samples) of music from previously recorded works. These cuts are then integrated with the signature of glitch music: beats comprised of glitches, clicks, scratches, and otherwise "erroneously" produced or sounding noise. These glitches are often very short, and are typically used in place of traditional percussion or instrumentation. Skipping CDs, scratched vinyl records, circuit bending, and other noise-like distortions figure prominently into the creation of rhythm and feeling in glitch; it is from the use of these digital artifacts that the genre derives its name. However, not all artists of the genre are working with erroneously produced sounds or are even using digital sounds. (wiki)

I really love this glitch hop thing so I will probably look more into the rest of the glitch current that originated back in 1985 (in New York with Yasunao Tone who used damaged CDs in his Techno Eden performance) and spreads more into electronica. Moreover, I am curios about Prefuse73's 2007 album Preparations.

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