Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fixing some issues on a ACER Aspire 5315

It seems that many ACER notebooks models have two issues with their keyboards:
1. if one types fast it may find him/herself typing within past typed words and if you keep your eyes down frustration will be probably the only thing achieved.
2. second, these keyboards are really slow. Type something today, see it probably in about 1-2 seconds...which is brrr, a bit creepy.
For #1 the best advice is to disable the oversensitive touchpad while typing(a) or (b)decrease its sensitivity and it works.
For #2, I haven't explored it sufficiently, since I am quite pleased that I solved the 1st:). No, but seriously, is not such an issue. I am used with old computers and this is what they sometimes pull on you.
On top of this, something that I have read on many forums of ACER owners and confirmed by my current borrowed aspire 5315 is that once you put it in standby mode the cooler doesn't kick in afterwards leading to an unavoidable shut-down once the processors reaches 70 degrees C.
Moreover for its wireless card Atheros, XP drivers are really hard to find. Out of the five that I uncovered, the last one worked and I felt relief.

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