Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beirut - strange lovely music

Beirut is the name of the band of Zach Condon a 22 yrs old from Santa Fe (US). A friend (thanks Akie!)recommended me one of their songs (Nantes) which incidentally is also the best of what I could find from their releases. Their music is heavily influenced by Eastern European specific sounds and it resembles terribly much with a more modern version of Goran Bregovic's work.
Members:Zach Condon, Jeremy Barnes, Heather Trost, Perri Cloutier, Hari Ziznewski, Jason Poranski, Nick Petree, Kristin Ferebee, Paul Collins, John Natchez, Kelly Pratt. Live, Beirut's shifting roster generally consists of Condon accompanied by Perrin Cloutier (cello/accordion), Jason Poranski (guitar/mandolin/ukulele), Nick Petree (drums), Kristin Ferebee (violin), Paul Collins (organ/keys/tambourine/ukulele), Jon Natchez (baritone sax/mandolin/glockenspiel), and Kelly Pratt (trumpet/euphonium).

Their discography includes two albums: Gulag Orkestar (2006) and The Flying Club Cup(2007) which are both pretty good. Condon has spent some time wandering the former Soviet bloc and his Balcanization of this Indie rock is the emerging result:lurching accordions, blaring brass-band fanfares, and other romantic, dolorous sounds. Among my favorite tracks: off the first album Mount Wroclai, Bratislava and Postcards from Italy while from the second EP definetely Nantes, Guyamas Sonora and Cliquet.

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