Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Remembering YES 2007 Japan

Looking back on those two weeks, I really enjoyed everything and wish I could do it again.:)..although it is clearly not possible. The only paragraph I had time to write while in Japan for this blog was this:
<< Overall, a good experience with this conference/course type of event here at Hosei University in Tokyo. Perhaps it's just good to came out of your un-natural boundaries and experience some more the things around. A pretty good crowd (26 countries) and nice participants. The food and sights are nothing to be compared with . Octopus, squid,etc and whatever cool weird type of Asian foods you can find are in here. But I liked so far all of them and I am a pretty peaky person. I guess I did better than just adjusting well...:)). With the chopsticks too, I am getting better and better as the days go by. It's 2am I have to go to sleep now..just have in mind the 7:30 wake-up target for tomorrow and it bleaches out already. Nighty-night >> (31 Mar 2007)

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