Friday, April 20, 2007

Every nation deserves its leaders

As I previously have said in another post, I am truly disappointed in any politician. However, my native Romanian fellows give me always an extra reason for feeling this way. Exactly after the news of the most recent national political success (of finally joining the EU) the scandal between the President and Prime Minister began to unfold its story. In a typical balcanic manner, comparable only with two very choleric child’s game, these guys have managed to show that you can be all: stupid, stubborn and selfish and finally act like this is just another “business as usual” day. Other people probably would have felt ashamed or tamed by the ongoing both ways accusations and unrevealed “proofs”. Not in these cases. The president just impeached by the Parlament, suddenly decides that he doesn't want to quit his job anymore, but still wants some early elections to get rid of the majority in the parlament which used to be his allies but now have turned against him. On the other hand, the former friend (the Prime minister) currently his nemesis along with the former and current opposition desire to eliminate this informal president who lives and acts under the impression that Romania is a presidential democracy (while in fact is a Parlamentary one) fact that leads to such conflicts between the powers of the State. This just makes me sad…that some people are just using a country for their own niggardly playground; moreover, I would hope that the population doesn’t really care by now, since this whole political masquerade is futile (neither of the two is completely absolved by affiliation with some influence circles or corruption). I guess, we just deserve our leaders; and the future prospects present themselves even grimmer.

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