Friday, April 27, 2007

Bond, James - revisited

The latest Bond in play and with a new Bond figure (Daniel Craig) that does the job perfectly. I must say, I had prejudices against this movie (almost all Bond series are just glamorous showing off (cars, villas, weapons and Bond girls, of course)) so I decided it would be a good one to watch and do my laundry at the same time. To some extent it worked but I got more than I was expecting from the movie, that's for sure. Especially at the beginning, there is a speed on foot pursuit scene, which shows some black dude with incredible skills of a "runner" and manage to hold off Bond for 15 minutes or so:)). Anyways, my point is that the series is catching up to the latest & hottest trends, which is good. On the other hand, as always, one has to work on the cheese lines and exaggerated "impossible mission" situations from which Bond seems to prevail every time. Finally, after suffering an "original" torture method (which affects the most delicate parts of the male anatomy ), well...miracles happen in weeks:)). Dehhh, what would be the charm in a James the 007 eunuch?:))

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