Saturday, January 20, 2007

The stupid Romanian political spectacle

I have always said there is no political class in Romania. We are being led by a bunch of fat, illiterate, most of the time former communist free-riders who can barely speak two intelligible sentences. The latest scandal involving the President (a charismatic but probably corrupt character) and Prime minister (widely known as an affiliate of big oil companies and other businesses) brings all this dirt up showing what Balkan and Eastern political face we put upfront in Brussels. Huge mass-media attention, talk-shows and analysis all involving two-ways corruption accusations between the two power players in the State, it's all just a insipid circus which probably will go without even a result (regardless of the gravity of these accusations which should at least trigger an investigation by the Justice Department, allegedly independent, right?). All this makes me sick and I truly fail to see some hope for the future. The dream of EU is here but,however, we don't have a sequel for it. Working abroad, no matter how many and how good, will not insure the economic growth we need and its sustainability. Corruption, still, remains predominant; the only upside is that it's getting concentrated towards the upper classes and where the "Big Bucks" are. With joining the EU, all the best human resources (which haven't had the chance of leaving before) e.g. doctors, engineers, etc. will migrate towards other European countries, leaving here nothing but dominant low-quality specialists and old people. again, wake up people!!! and smell the coffee (or in this case, the dust): we are far from good, and we are getting worse. The quality of education goes down, there is no strategic orientation, NOTHING but a bunch of uneducated old-school clowns which call themselves politicians which have lived good lives during the communism also, but nowadays are doing even better thanks to their sharp elbows and their low self-esteem when it comes to lying, stealing or cheating, all for their personal and nepotistic interest.

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