Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting ready for the journey back

As on my arrival, the skies are grey when I am about to leave. It was an incredible fast journey; I stayed a accumulated 6 days in my hometown, while the rest was spent in Cluj Napoca, where the doctor was and in between (travelling back and forth). Naturally, I am beat and just look forward for all this to end. I definitely knew why I do not like going back in the Winter regardless of the big fuss around the holidays,family gatherings and all that. Summer rules all the way!! Hopefully, I had my share of negative stuff (ache, travel, problems etc) for the whole year and everything would be smooth sailing from now on.
I look forward on going back (although it looks pretty chill on the other side of the pond) and getting right into it (recuperate a lot). After all, Spring is just around the corner and Summer follows.:)

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