Friday, January 19, 2007

Always on the Road

Once again and for the last time, I have traveled between Cluj Napoca and Sighet. This time using a different route (through Baia Mare) and mode (hitchhiking) which proved to be significantly better both in terms of time (approx. 4 instead of the usual 5hrs trip) and quality (by car seems better than by bus -too many stops and people on and off all the time). Romania is on code yellow these days due to a storm that reached the hurricane status, but besides some nasty storms and some trees that have fallen off no significant damage (unlike in Germany or Holland) has been recorded. Seems a bit like Spring (temps, quick changes etc) but starting early February the snow is due to make a come-back. How strong, we'll have to wait and see. I have now another 5 days or so to "enjoy" at home (I have tonnes and tonnes of stuff to do) and after that a final trip to Cluj and from there off to the New Continent. It has been a quick but painful Romanian interlude (I cannot call this "vacation") and hopefully it will be worthwhile since the time, physical and financial effort were considerable.

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