Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Meet Skalpel

(WHO) Skalpel: top noch Polish stuff, branded Ninja Tune.
(HOW) Style: blend of hip hop beats, laced with samples lifted from the rich seam of Polish jazz records of the 1960s and 1970s.
(WHAT) Albums: Konfusion (2005) and Skalpel (2004); both exquisite.:) try them!
(LIKE) Similar to: The Cinematic Orchestra

Skalpel are Marcin Cichy and Igor Pudlo DJs/producers from Wroclaw, Poland. Being new recruits of Ninja Foreign Legion, they are rather hesitant to speak about their past.Sufficient to say, they are talented DJs, whose 4 mixes were aired on Solid Steel in the past, two of which were released as "Virtual Cuts" - namely the best mixtape released in the history of electronic music in Poland. The year 2000 was a landmark for them, as they traveled the country with DJ Vadim and his Russian Percussion, presenting an amazing 4-deck show. Later that year they released demo CD-R titled "Polish Jazz", which not only received a lot of critical acclaim, but also led Skalpel to signing a contract with Ninja Tune.For the last two years they've been digging in the crates, trying to build the most exciting collection of samples from Polish Jazz records. Now they are slowly unleashing the music created from these sounds. They ressurected dusty & smokey spirit of polish jazz of 60s and 70s, and re-imagined it for 21st century audiophiles. (Ninja Tune)

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