Sunday, September 03, 2006

Final Recap of the Summer (short summary)

That's it. No more parts and pieces..this should be it and all of it.
Just got back from my native Romania and I have to skip a lot of things just for the sake of being concise about it now, due to the inherent laziness and busyness at the time when this should have been posted.

Ohh yeah, my laptop also was kaput for the last three weaks or so (hdd failure; unknown source since it has some phisical troubles too, but also you never know with these viruses). As a result lost all the data on C:/system drive and access to the hdd (funny enough between my IBM and an HP they didn't recognize each other when installing a fresh new WIN on a fresh new partition). The 40 to 44 pin adaptor that I have bought also failed to do the job (hmmmm?) so I was left in the dark with everything else..blogging included.
BUT I AM BACK...with a vengeance.:))
So here it goes..

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