Monday, August 07, 2006

The Unkle in the Shadow

This is the last of DJ Shadow's releases. The Outsider (2006): An overall interesting but very heterogenous mix of music styles, rapping and fat beats, some interesting and provocative other just strange sounding,:)
De gustibus...but I would give an 7.5 out of ten to this release.
The intro is a two minute long story telling which reminded me a lot of the intro for UNKLE's "eye 4 an eye" in the same historical drama style. The 1st track This Time is great one (remember the time?); will surely blend in with other tracks on an OSD for a 70s (remake) movie. 3 Freaks is a piece of up-to-date hip hop mastering. Drop-E-Drop is a pausing track. Turf Dancing- boring and trying to be too original; sounds aggresive though:)). Let's do it the other way around; What have liked besides the ones mentioned above: Broken Levee Blues (an mellow guitar solo as expected), Backstage Girl (slow rappin and a good melodic line), Triplicate (instrumental, slow, excellent), Enuff (feat Q-Tip) and Erase you (with some wicked drums).

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