Friday, August 04, 2006

Travel Recap: 3. Back to Budapest Ferihegy

Woow I haven't wrote in a long long I must catch-up a bit
From the Berkshires, Bonanza delivered me to Port Authority and from there I head out to JFK, my fliying hub. Unfortunately, first time I experienced this, the bus was one hour late. regardless of my efforts to recuperrate some time, I arrive at the airport at 5pm sharp.. while my flight was at 6pm. About 2-300 people were between me and my checking-in..and I have to say nasty ones too. HAte those attendants, who are just directing you in the line, regardless of emergencies etc. But I decided to use my wildcard and cut the line which proved to be my salvation even if the lady "attendant" said my check in is already closed. DID the whole thing plus the scanning in less than half an hour. Liers, liers..I guess I can congratulate myself for determination.:)

Finally after all this running and struggling, one decent thing: my seat was given thus I got upgraded to the Business Elite class.:)). Woow. that was cool and I have to admit that I could easily get used to fly that all the time:) Only if my stipend would allow it..:)) Main course, salads, thai soups, wine and cheeses, topped with an excellent Sundae made it easy to relax in those big expandable chairs.
From ferihegy got a regular microbus to Oradea and from there a regional train to Timisoara. This was the big leap: from business class heaven to a dirty smoking slow train that made almost 5 hours from Oradea to Timisoara. Not recommended. But I guess I like extremes.:) since I could have done it differently. However, it was good this way too.

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