Friday, August 04, 2006

part 4. Timisoara, the little Wien

Timisoara was much the same city in which I have spended 5 years of my life during my Bachelor's and Masters at West and respectively, Technical University. Funny enough, I got the same "rejective" feeling about it, as I vividly remembered the first contact. Besides this, there are some improvements, mostly cosmetical, the tram lines are still much a work in progress (re-doing them) just the targeted neighborhoods changed.

The Unirii square is now full with terraces and people which kind of a lowered its beauty (too crowded and commercial now). The commercial spirit is much alive, people trying to make as much as possible of you, prices went up significantly I would say, and most likely the social dissegregation is taking place. I visited all the city by foot and went to all the places that I enjoyed here throughout my college years. A sweet but mostly sour strange mix did take place but still I enjoyed much going back in time a bit.

Perks experienced: the unfiltered local beer Timisoreana served in Unirii Square - pretty damn good one. Do not change currency anywhere in the center!:))) usually there is a big scam/difference in exchange rates going on; Take a ride on the tram if you can, it used to be a good way to survey the city (not anymore due to the work on the tracks). Last but not least, it is good to be anywhere in Europe during a WORLD CUP !! lots of beer, people and good time.
Overall, a good but maybe not so useful trip back in the memory land. I do not feel connected at all anymore to the city. It was good though that I did it and got the chance to visit some friends I haven't seen in a while.

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