Sunday, September 03, 2006

ESD 2006, Steyr - Austria

the European Science Days 2006 were held in Steyr, Austria under the common theme of Economics of Education and Science with a focus on European issues (and students). Well at the end of the day, I don't know how much of the focus was kept but most of the presentations were of course characterising the US (since the faculty were coming from there, obviously). Some people didn't enjoy that so much. However, I was pleased with the crowd (about 70 something students) all the best (I guess in my humble view) that Europe has with valuable additions from the top US universities (Harvard, Princeton, MIT etc). The faculty presented also an impressive line-up with top-notch professors from all over the world, some of them (Trajtenberg, Stern, Shankerman, Aghion etc) which I wanted to meet since my work touches upon there academic achievements.
Pluses: Impecable logistic organization, a very good academic environment, nice afterwards atmosphere, good food & beer. Minuses: little/no feedback on my poster (for which I worked so hard) :), overcrowding of faculty with people trying to attract attention and take advantage of all possible opportunities; time span too short => high concentration of presentations and speakers.

Steyr: a small town, beautiful, old; reminded me of a Romanian one (Sighisoara) which is quite similar. Here are a couple of views of it.

Old Town Gate

Really Old Gothic Church

Die Rathaus or City Hall

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