Monday, September 04, 2006

An afternoon in Wien

After the intense 5 days spent in Steyr at the ESD I headed back to Romania and my hometown, Sighet. On top of that, regardless of my fatigue, I decided to visit a bit Vienna...something that I knew I'll regret if I'll pass on. I have beeen there a couple of years back on another 6 or 7 hrs layover and visited some of the town but the October or November harsh weather and the rain stopped me from enjoying it completely. This time around all was well and sunny and I got to see another part of town, the nicer one with all the museums and old buildings. I walked the city with two other ESD participants (Christelle from SWE and Gregory from RUS) and it was (a lot more enjoyable) than the usual "solo mode" of visiting.

Walking through Wien I always feel like going through a huge museum where there is always a thing to see. Afterall, like other former emperial capitals, the city has a lot of history and culture to back up its fame. I just want more time to properly enjoy it.:(. Maybe next time...

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