Saturday, May 15, 2010

Surfing in Santa Cruz

The weekend started already yesterday with the showing of a famous Romanian movie (that I haven't seen yet) called "California Dreamin" by one of the best Romanian directors (Cristian Nemescu), who left this world a bit too soon. (
Today was a great day, when I got the chance to surf for the first time in my life, courtesy to Glenn and Marius. It was a perfect day for surfing, with some nice waves, not too windy and not to cold. The wetsuit gives you a lot of protection from the freezing waters and after some time I managed to stand on my knee..However, couldn't stand up...never had enough I took whatever I could. Santa Cruz is a lovely beach at the Bay that has its own microclimate, an interesting mix of low-temperatures and low-winds, which makes it a good spot to hit when the heat becomes insurmountable. I don't remember now the name of the spot we went to (very close to the Pier) but there are at least 5-6 good surfin' places there, and I even got to see the real deal surfers riding nice barrel waves (5-6 feet) at the lighthouse.The evening also gave me the chance to sample some nice grilling from several nations (Greeks, Turks, Iranian, Romanian and Argentinean) at Stanford. Great stuff, lots of meat and beer and wine provided by Germans and Belgians. Unfortunately, my stomach did not allow me to taste much (a fried calamari on the pier gave me the shivers (never, no more!), and I could not eat almost anything). Still couldn't pass a chance to sample some.. Argentinean steak, especially after almost one hour in line. And it was pretty good..

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