Monday, May 31, 2010

Back in Boston

Beantown is so nice in the summer. It just made me regret that we only had a day to capture its flavor, and this one proved to be swamped with T-storms. I did not end up close to Davis Square and where I use to live (Somerville) but downtown Boston was just as good. Strolling along the Charles river and the cute streets in the BackBay was a joy, and grabbing a bite in familiar places is just as good as visiting family. Moreover, I stepped in the great Boston public library and actually visited the Museum inside; same thing with riding the Duckies in the Boston Common (places that I have passed through many times but never visited when I was still living in Boston). We stayed at Berklee, because it was the best-bargain place I could find downtown for such a short stay. It wasn't cheap nor exceptional but the breakfast was awesome (where can you make your own waffle in the morning?) and that inclined the balance towards positives for me. Other than that it seems more and more strange to leave for Europe and be so far away from BOS, NYC or DC, places that I got accustomed to visit often. In some ways, I start to miss them already.

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