Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Saturday of Soccer

Yesterday was a full soccer day.The Romanian national team had a huge game (of surviving the qualifiers for the World Cup 2010) against Serbia at home, in Constanta. Unfortunately, we lost 2-3, partly due to some dubious refereeing and partly due to the inability of getting a good and motivated team on the field, which has been a long lasting problem of the current coach. Which should have been fired a long time ago since the team's choke against Netherlands in the Euro2008 tournament. But again, I just watched the first half, then give up, partly upset, partly since our soccer game was up at 4. This proved to be a far more rewarding experience; we won again quite easy (5-1) and I scored again with a nice outside shot, which is always nice, especially after playing defense throughout the game. Hopefully a new championship is near??

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