Saturday, March 28, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Series Finale

Last Friday the series finale for Battlestar Galactica aired on Sci-Fi. After a week, I also caught up and watch it, finally. However, just like most viewers, my opinions are divided. While the whole plot was pointing towards some last stand hardcore battle between the volunteers from the Colonies (including the “good” cylons) and the “bad” cylons, things got surprisingly twisted several times, first by reaching a truce (Hera for resurrection secrets) which ended up in a bloody shoot-out, after The Chief goes on a rampage and kills one of the Final Five (Tory) as a payback for his wife’s death, hence failing to deliver the secret to the Cylons. However, after all this commotion and built-up of tension, things got really dull in the second half, with Galactica making the final jump close to Earth’s orbit. Yeap, again, Earth. This time OUR Earth; the last one that got wrecked by wars and humans, was not ours. (first, big disappointment). And then, basically, things become linear and the last half an hour is comprised of various characters saying their goodbyes. Obviously, the survivors of the fleet along with the friendly Cylons settle on Earth, spreading throughout the continents, the Centurians get their freedom and the Baseship and jump away happily ever after, while the colonists decide to renounce the technologies (second big patch-up) –so they send the fleet into the Sun- and just farm the Earth.
All and all, a mix of some brilliant closures for all the characters but also some big ugly patches that were obviously thrown there just because “we have to end these series”. And although, there were plenty of moments when I wish they’ve done that during the 3rd and 4th season (when the action was lingering so slowly and inconsistently) I was expecting something crisper and not-so-shallow at the end (reviving Earth, etc). Moreover, just to add generality the “This has happened before and it will happen again” theme, which Moore admits of “borrowing” from the Peter Pan movie, is crowned in the end, although both Six and Baltar hallucinations seem to agree on a better ending for the human race (this time) in an unnatural optimistic tone for a series that has been so dark and gloomy.

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