Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The West on Fire - NBA playoffs-

I really hoped that the Suns will prevail from their playoff game with the Spurs, which I think are one of the ugliest teams playing in the league. The Pistons are also very defensive etc. but their game is cleaner and more pleasant somehow. Speaking of which, the 76s seem to have a good start in accordance with their latest performances. Now, after 2-0, game 3 and 4 are crucial and (we have seen this before with the Suns) I hope they don't mess up again. Anyways, I am not sure that in this "champion" manner (slow, with dubious decisions and lots of lucky shots) the Spurs will not prevail again, at least in the Western conference, and for sure in the final if they come across anybody else from the East but Detroit or Boston, which I believe to be the only two teams capable for good match-ups.

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