Friday, April 25, 2008

A small Prague reminder

Czech beer is worldwide famous and they are no.1 beer drinking nation with a per capita annual consumption of 156 litres. Beer is usually cheap in CZ but again, in an assaulted Prague by tourists, this doesn't hold all the time. The best known Czech beer is the original Pils beer, Pilsner Urquell, brewed in the town of Plzen and exported worldwide. Many Czechs also drink another Plzen brew, Gambrinus, while Bernard from Eastern Bohemia was recently voted best beer of the year. The most widely exported Czech Beer is Budvar (Budweiser in German), nothing to do with the American Bud (you cannot even begin to compare them). A fairly new beer with a fine and very smooth taste is Velvet. Another is Kelt, a dark beer from one of the Prague breweries. Other beers brewed in Prague are Staropramen and Branik. It was nice to taste some 12 and 14 degrees beers which were excellent. Thus, since time was limited I decided to take some reminders as well.

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