Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Big 3 O

Yep.What more can you say? Especially when you don't look/feel/act as one who's 30 years old. Nothing I guess. Just deal with it and embrace the facts. and probably forget about it...until the next person's asking you..or you have another B-day. The problem is also one when you're missing a lot of celebrations so your count doesn't quite match the data:)). One has to work on that issue as well.
This one was again a mixture of things. 8 hours of DIMETIC lectures put all the other things in the background perspective. However,the following dinner, party at Valentine's apartment and going out in some lively but well-hidden Strasbourgian club full of dancing people, made it quite nice. A local party by some (quite international) students was the cherry on the top that lasted until 6 am. So, the questions then is, who's that 30yr old that can party until the dawns?:))

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