Friday, December 28, 2007

My Latest Music - Nujabes and Kid Koala

I haven't written anything on music since...well...a long time ago. In the following I am going to attempt correction to this fact. A couple of things have delightfully enriched my existence over the last couple weeks.

Kid Koala - Some of My Best Friends Are DJs (2003)
My take on it: great and exquisite stuff.If you try it, you'll surely like it.
Professional review: Packaged with a 52-page, self-penned comic and a travel chess kit, Some of My Best Friends Are DJs offers less in the way of music, with the 35-minute running time meaning the restless sonic snippets wisely end before his humor has a chance to grate. Mixing sleazy whisky-bar vibes with adolescent antics, his second album never allows the listener to settle. Moments of playful mixing magic are at times followed by baffling inanity as "Skanky Panky"--with its wonderfully shattered Ska rhythm and frantic scratches--runs into "Flu Season", ostensibly a series of beat-accompanied coughs, sneezes, and sniffs. Blending blues, jazz, and funk with a myriad of bizarre samples, moments of pure eccentric genius such as "Robochacha" and "More Dance Music" make this a flawed yet fascinating slice of beat-driven bravura.

Nujabes - Metaphorical Music (2003)
My take on it: this is Nujabes' second album. It offers a combination of hip hop and jazz, and features artists like Shing02, Substantial, Five Deez, Cise Starr and others. Thanks to my Japanese friend and music lover (Akie) I picked up a couple of Nujabes releases and affiliated works. I recommend it to any instrumental/melodic hip-hopper fans. Excellent thinking to incorporate some flows on my future-to-be-website.
Professional review:Metaphorical Music: the melodic full length debut of Japanese born Hip Hop producer Nujabes. The soulful, rhythmic, often jazz-based style exerted through Nujabes' music has made this album a Diggin’ favorite since its release in 2003.(Diggin' Music blog)

Nujabes - Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection (2007)
Mellow instrumental stuff + hiphop tracks + jazz samples = same great receipe
It seems that any Nujabes release has the same great flavor. (so far at least)

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