Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Casual Casualties of Flights- a limpin’ suitcase

One is always disappointed in how the luggage is handled. I always wonder how could they have done it ? One time they broke my metal handle of a robust big luggage. The only way you could do that is probably to through it on its head from about 2-3 meters at least on a rough surface (preferably concrete). Then you go and check if they could have done that. Although the chances are quite slim, it is possible, trust me. Now I had another problem, but quite similar. A robust plastic leg from my American Tourister 26inch luggage got somehow dismantled. Again after the initial outburst of good thoughts to all those brave luggage handlers, I started to think how can one (phisically achieve that) and I came up with some scenarios (a bit like the CSI type thing). Still hard to achieve but somehow those wonderful guys always deliver. Amazing, isn’t? So, THANK you for all your efforts and care. And a wonderful limping Christmas to you too!

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