Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Flying Pink over Europe

Started at 6:40am in Kiel to Hamburg flughafen via the Kielius bus. Then flew Swiss Air to Zurich. Pretty smooth until the landing where from some not so obvious reason we had to circle for about 25 minutes looking at the background of the Black Forrest Mountains. Finally it all came to an end but the airport was very crowded and with huge lines at the scanning area plus immigration (why do we need this?). Somehow I made through all of that with various objects (laptop, ticket,pass or wallet) under my armpits, in my hands or wherever I could stick them. The flight to Budapest with Helvetica (1st pink) was again OK, while in Hungary I had to change terminals (Ferihegy2-->Ferihegy1) and "enjoy" the Xmass crowd for about another 6hrs. Naturally, at the flight to Cluj (Wizzair-the low cost pink carrier), the Romanian and low cost heritage collided into a three line check-in and basically people rushing for the plane. Which was a big boy indeed (for such a short distance) an Airbus A320. Nice but a bit scary since I knew the incredible small airport & landing strip in Cluj. However, we made it ok, although the plane had to break a lot and for 7 seconds I was with my knees in the chair in front of me. From here the saga with the "sharks" (taxi cab drivers looking to strip you off your money) started. I always "enjoy" this stuff, especially when, I cannot get a regular cab, it's 11pm and I am stuck outside the airport (7km or so outside the city) on a -10C “sunny weather”. But that's another story...

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